Cheap aviator sunglasses

Cheap rimless aviator offer a young look for men and women.

Cheap metal aviator sunglasses are not much different compared to the original one that was born decades ago.

Cheap flat top aviator sunglasses modified from original style with plastic material and a cool look flat top bar.

When it comes to eyewear gear for men, nothing is better than a pair of aviator shades. Unlike other sunglasses styles, aviators made to the demand of the military. A modern aircraft made to fly at higher altitudes while current eyewear gear does not solve issues with aggressions of sunlight and glare in the cockpit. A situation demands higher-performance sunglasses, B&L came up with a solution by introducing a teardrop-shaped aviator that can provide better protection and an elegant look. Aviator designed in a thin metal frame with the teardrop-shaped lenses that allow only 15% of the visible light to pass through the lenses. Since then, aviator shades became popular in the military across America and the prime eyewear gear for military pilots. Other eyewear companies imitate the design concept to make their own version of aviator as we can see a large selection today with prices vary from a low of $20 to a high of $200. Its popularity expanded beyond America during World War II as more navy pilots wore aviator sunglasses in abroad.

Today aviator sunglasses remain the most trendy style for men and women around the world. They can easily integrate with other lens features as polarized and mirrored lenses for applications in harsh or reflective places.

Aviator mirrored sunglasses offer high performance in harsh conditions.